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Little Hudson

October 11, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

Oh, little Hudson! Last weekend I was able to take a visit to my mother's home in the Makai neighborhood. While I was there we decided to go on a short adventure to take some photos of little Hudson. My mother, my little brother Hudson, my little sister Jaden, and myself all traveled down the Makai hill and attempted to take some photos in the grass at a vacant lot. We were able to get some interesting shots, but it was difficult to find a grassy area that didn't have any potential pokey twigs for little Hudson to explore in his mouth. After a brief trek back to the car we decided to cross the highway and go down to Ona Beach State Park, where we were able to find a nice spot to set up. By then, it was about time for Hudson to take a wee nap and get some nourishment, so we had to make our shoot quick! His final disposition is certainly displayed near the end of the images on this blog feed.



XO Megan 


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