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Because I love it

October 15, 2013  •  3 Comments

I have been going through what some might call a difficult transition. While doing that, I feel that I have been so busy worrying about everything else that I have been neglecting my work. Last week, I decided that I would increase my knowledge of photography and watch a Creative Live session. There are always several different lessons going on, but I was captivated by Lara Jade and Sue Bryce's work. 

I was so incredibly impressed by them, and I am not just talking about their work. The things that they discussed in the lessons were incredibly inspiring to me. For those who have been living in a cave or under a rock, everyone is a photographer now, and sometimes that can be really intimidating. I am not much of a fighter by nature, rather an observer. I suppose, that is one reason that I enjoy photography so much. Being this way can be difficult in such a saturated field. While watching and listening to Lara and Sue, I felt something incredible--hope. Watching them and hearing their encouraging words made my heart feel so good. I don't know if I have really felt that in a long time. The feeling of being truly inspired and the feeling that I am doing something that I am meant to do. 

I really have not been a photographer for very long, approximately a year and a half, and everything has been self-taught. I feel that being a photographer has taught me so incredibly much! I have learned great values on life while building my business. It is truly a test to see how much I really think that I am worth, and how much I am willing to work to continue to learn more and more about photography. 

Since watching Lara and Sue, I have decided that I would venture into more creative work and that I would truly let my emotions take over my art. I will of course be doing the same family, seniors, and weddings, but be expecting to see more of my creative side too. 

XO Meg 


Here is a self-portrait and an example of the direction that I would like my work to go in. 


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Hi Meg! I saw your comment on Lara Jade facebook page, I watched creative Live with Sue and Lara and I was blown away by the content, very inspiring. Your picture is gorgeous! Love the light and the sensuality of the shot. Follow your dream and listen to your heart they will guide you wisely.

Take care,
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