Megan Ashley Photography | E R I C A // Part One

E R I C A // Part One

March 23, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

I was feeling creative, and asked if anyone wanted to model for me, Erica Redman gladly accepted the invitation, and we planned to shoot that weekend. Erica was an absolute pleasure to shoot, as she has such natural beauty, that it was difficult to not get a good shot of her! We went down to one of my favorite beaches, South Beach, and were lucky enough to have beautiful weather (okay, it was a bit chilly), and we even found an amazing driftwood fort! We made sure to take advantage of the structure, as one is sure to see. 

Erica and I later went back to my house where we styled her up again. This time, we got very experimental and we applied feathers to her hair! She came out looking very Black Swan, but that's okay, because Erica has been known to be quite the Ballerina! I will be adding the next set very soon. 




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