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"The Power of Photography"

July 07, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
I can still remember the first time I saw the image of the Afghan girl, Sharbat Gula, captured by Steve McCurry and how it changed me. It completely altered how I felt about portraits. I don't think I had ever really looked at an image in that way before. Until then, I saw portraits as a pain and annoyance of too much posing and plastic smiles. I hated portraits then. I was just a child at that time, of course, thumbing through the collection of my Grandmother's old National Geographic magazines, but I think that was a pivotal moment on my path to the relationship I now have with photography.

This article was a reminder of that. It's actually a year old, but I just now came across it. I have always been inspired by the work of that done by the talented photographers of National Geographic. I just hope to be able to capture that same sort of raw passion in my own work some day or as better said in the article, " A hunger for the unknown, the courage to be ignorant, and the wisdom to recognize that, as one says, “the photograph is never taken—it is always given.”"
Now, portraits are my favorite photographs to take.
Here is a preview of my most recent shoot with my Sister and My Niece Paityn:


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