Megan Ashley Photography | At the Park with Paityn

At the Park with Paityn

February 15, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I truly hate to be "that aunt," but I am about to be… my niece is simply the most adorable 4-year-old I have ever encountered. Not to mention that she is absolutely brilliant, incredibly sassy, and witty (I have no idea where she gets that last part from…perhaps her momma and myself have something to do with that).  After enjoying a very lovely Valentine's Day, I got to spend the morning visiting and enjoying breakfast with my family. We all then ventured to the park for the boys to throw around a football. While they were playing, my sister, niece and I had to take this opportunity to test out my new gear. 

It can sometimes be a struggle to get my niece to want to have her photo taken. It didn't help that all around us were the other children of the park playing and running free. Once we captured her attention, however, her little personality certainly lit up my lens!  

*We even snuck in a mini Auntie - Niece session! 

Here is what we shot: 


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