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July 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

For years I have been intimidated to venture out away from portraits and explore landscape photography deeper. Particularly, starry night photos. I have always been in admiration of these images that seem to capture the enormity of the galactic phenomena in which we belong. With the assignment to learn something new for a grad school class, I was finally required to attempt this something new. To get started, I read a few articles full of great useful tips to accomplish this goal. In my research, I came across an article featuring photographer Ben Canales, who I actually met years ago! I used many of the tips he included in his article and set off for my first trial run. 

Here are some tips: 

1) Use a tripod; 

2) Use a remote or trigger system;

3) Find a location with open sky views; 

4) Check the weather - ideal weather is clear to partly cloudy;

5) Know your moon phases - it is best to have a moon that is half full or less; 

6) Be aware of other light, including city light pollution; 

7) Focus on an object in the distance on auto mode, then switch focus to manual; 

8) Ideal settings are: ISO 3200, aperture 1.6 (or lowest possible on lens), shutter speed 30 seconds. 



My first attempt in John's Landing in SW Portland. (Moon phase was half)

My second attempt at Clear Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest. (Moon phase was full)

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